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Nov 23, 2012 8:00pm EST
brown, his college roommate. now in 2003, michael brown took over fema. he also had no previous emergency experience, the u.s. commission of the international an arabian horse association which was his qualification. hurricane katrina hits new orleans, brown took control of the relief effort, but it was a disaster both literally and figuratively. you may remember president bush said, you're doing a heck of a job. it became clear that he could not handle it, and he was replaced by the coast guard, a career professional that handle the and a good job. of course, the katrina disaster was not all brown's fault. the appointment is an illustration of the problem, an increasing number of appointees, the lack of emergency management experience, layers of political appointees over career professionals, they thought it was being politicized. the bottom line is that leadership does make a difference. president clinton appointed an emergency management professional and it worked well in the 1990's. president obama appointed the current head of fema that you might have seen him on tv. he was
Nov 2, 2012 2:00pm EDT
. it was a difficult decision. it is not true. jerry brown and i have a bill that will help the salaries and other splinter unions. we cannot get the ear of the republicans. i would like to hear speaker brainer bring this up -- speaker banner bring this up. it is your policy to say that the president picked certain unions over salaried folks. the rich people hold which occurred on both sides. >> you bring up sharon brown. he is running against unmandel, the republican state treasurer. that race is ranked as a tossup. how do you see that race playing out? >> brown will win. he is a great senator. he is working on behalf of the people. the things i mentioned about the auto restructuring package and the chinese tariffs, brown was leading the way in the united states senate. brown's opponents said he was against the odder restructuring package. that is an unbelievable position to take an ohio. the latest polls have brown up by seven foreign aid or nine points. brown will win with a solid lead. he is one of the hardest working senators out there. the issue is his opponents said that brown's vote for th
Nov 2, 2012 10:30pm EDT
that out? >> that's an urban legend. we are working, nart brown and i are working very hard to help the seven or eight splinter unions that didn't end up doing as well as the u.a.w., the iue crferings wa which had contracts essential to the development of the new general motors. but this is not a union-nonunion issue. there were seven or eight different unions that didn't make out as well as other unions had. so there are many salaries folks who said this was the president picking the unions over the salary people. that's not true. there are other unions that didn't make out -- it's a bankruptcy. it was a very, very tough, difficult decision. but i will say to my friends who bring up this issue, first of all, it's not true. and second of all, sherrod brown and i have a bill that will help the delphi salaried and will help the other splinter unions and we cannot get the ear of the republicans in the house of representatives. so i would like to see speaker boehner bring this up in the leam duck session to be able to help the delphi salary folks and those other union members. so it is
Nov 27, 2012 6:00am EST
brown with public education network. building on steve's question, it strikes me that it doesn't necessarily need to be a federal role in promulgating standards, that these can be voluntary standards, for local education funds, this was a voluntary adoption profit says -- adoption process based on the standard of good conduct and their management. but there is a critique of year in the for-profit world historically that i wonder if it is standard -- that i wonder if standards or another mechanism can address. in the charter world where you have an independent chartering authority that grants a charter to a for-profit school but takes it out from under the public '. this school board, the elected officials does not have a -- does not have the ability to pour -- to pull the charter. perhaps there will be an analogous critique. -- as we go into the burgeoning fields, perhaps there will be an analogous critique. i wonder if standards or other mechanism is a way to address that critique? you talk about accountability in terms outcome measures and so on, but the broader critique abou
Nov 12, 2012 10:00am EST
virginia, vice president, nancy brown from california. national secretary, mary buckler from indiana. we also have several national past president of the american legion auxiliary joining us today. i would like for them to stand and be recognized. with us today is the national commander of the sons of the american legion. chris huntsinger from pennsylvania b. please, standing recognize. in addition, several of the men present ticket their lives to be national commander of the sons of the american legion. gentlemen, would you please stand and be recognized? most importantly, i would like to take this opportunity to introduce and thank my wonderful wife vicki and, my best friend. vicki? [applause] a month from now u.s. citizens will go to the polls across the country and cast ballots in the general election. we will be focused on the grate lansky beyond the beltway. that is where i come from. that is where you will find the american legion. you will find the american legion in rural towns of the west may have -- helping veterans meet the four-hour trip to a medical center. boasting more th
Nov 5, 2012 10:00am EST
they have before. the state i just came from under jerry brown has managed to do that, too. we will only get there through cutting spending in the united states. the idea you have tax increases, close the deficit that way. the thing president obama is trying in france right now -- president or prime minister, i forget what she is. that is 75% tax rate. history has shown again and again going back to the first deficit that hoover ran during the great depression when they began the process that franklin roosevelt continued of deficit spending in order to take up the slack in aggregate demand. you never reduce your debt that way. the new line -- money that comes in its fund a new monies that, in. those programs perpetuate themselves and required new spending and borrowing. cutting spending is only way to get there. this was the shining input of the two-party. i should apologize for my fellow cosmotarians that did not give proper credit to the tea party. this is the first time in my lifetime that anyone has been out there in the massive protest movement objected specifically to spending. that wa
Nov 13, 2012 1:00am EST
assertiveness basically. the same thing that elizabeth warren faced in scott brown, which was to sneer at her as an elite professor, which really got to me. it means we started teaching about the same time. for women of color and the entire united states teaching the, two blacks, one nation, one latina. and that is not so long ago. a few years afterwards i went into the classroom and having mostly men in a classroom, most of whom on election night before the election was decided i had to turn us in a classroom and was filled with that romney's. i woke up to a brand-new world. this is the way law schools looked when i was coming out. when you first started teaching to the woman, when he lived in massachusetts he didn't just say professor, he said blake though you could really profess anything. i really rocketed me back. so i think in addition to the mockery generally and the electorate, in addition to the demeaning of women generally, you sort of have a celebrated when were hired, but it's also a double whammy in a political setting. >> i'm in washington. it's an interesting place. i love d.c.
Nov 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
. he got sherrod brown involved and that bipartisan support to get funding for our program -- and got bipartisan support to get funding for our program. we are real happy with him. i feel he will be reelected. he was overwhelmed by spending but he has a good reputation and i think he will get it done. host: thanks for the call. if you are just 20 -- and in, we are awaiting live coverage of both of the president and mitt romney, their final campaign appearances. the president will be wrapping things up in des moines, iowa. joined by bruce springsteen and first lady michelle obama. this is what the scene looks like in downtown des moines. governor romney will be joined by his wife for his campaign appearances in what was scheduled to be the final event but he would not be on the campaign trail tomorrow at the cleveland and pittsburgh. rock hill, south carolina. dale, republican line. caller: hi. i just want to scratch -- congratulate president romney. my daughter graduated from college. she was 4.0 in business administration. she cannot find a job. if the people would just look at mbers
Nov 16, 2012 2:00pm EST
was on a panel today with bryan brown, who runs the national organization for marriage. he is desperately spinning. he talks about the state and how they were outspent. they had seen their support shrink. the one not go away. they will learn their lessons. i agree with patrick. they could come back in a forceful way. they have seen their grassroots support streak and their daughter based drink. the mormon church is a player you did not see. they were the dominant player in proper 8. you saw a lot of the individual donors not there. on the pro-equality side of, you saw fair-minded people standing up in both campaigns where these initiatives on our side and also digging deep and writing -- writing big checks. jeff bezos was a single largest individual. jeff and his wife contributed $ 2.5 million. lgbt people have stood up arm and arm with our allies. >> the blue state arguments -- is a lot of spin there. it is true it happened in blue states. >> maine has two republican senators in a republican governor. i would not call these two ripple state. -- these liberal states. california also won i
Nov 16, 2012 8:00pm EST
budget. there are some areas of, for its --, and brown. we believe that there are savings to be made in terms of rolling back many of the excess of agricultural subsidies. that is part of his budget. to get rid of some of these direct payments. we should agree on those issues fairly quickly. there are some items. you raise an interesting point that i want to emphasize, which is the term, ground is use a lot. what we need here is not -- it would be great to find more common ground. compromise is required. not just identifying areas everyone agrees on. excepts something to do not like. in exchange for moving forward and accomplishing a national objective. and compromise has been in short supply in many parts of capitol hill. hopefully this action-forcing evans will allow us to move forward. it needs to move forward in the context of an understanding that these issues were central to the campaign. the vice presidential campaign. there are some issues that on the sidelines. this is that one of them. fiscal issues, but issues, tax policy issues were debated. >> the president has a mandate
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)